Here at, our primary objective is providing the first genuinely crowdsourced solution to a common question, does CBD actually work?

We noticed a lack of clear and concise information on CBD, especially coming from real users, and made it our mission to fill the void. To do this, we’re collecting testimonials from current or former CBD users across the globe, asking them how effective CBD was at treating their condition.

We’re aiming to collect over 1 million real CBD experiences, from real CBD users all over the world, trying to ease different conditions.

These user reviews are readily available on dedicated pages for every issue CBD has ever been linked with, along with all the latest and most relevant scientific data.

We have over 400 independent peer-reviewed articles at our disposal, all studying the connection between cannabidiol and improving health issues. T

hat means you can always see what the research says, in addition to testimonials from real-life users. It’s the best of both worlds combined in one easy to use place.

We believe it’s incredibly important to provide answers to these questions and pull no punches in the process.

Simply put, we’re driven to build a community of users working together to answer once and for all, did CBD work?